/ United Colors Of Noise /
UnitedColorsOfNoise is a radio program featuring electronic, electro-acoustic music, sound art, field recordings, new experimental music and (sometimes) ambient.
It is hosted by Tom Tlalim and Jan Trutzschler von Falkenstein and broadcasted every two weeks on tuesday night from 24h-01h on radio tonka.
Each show musicians, composers and sound artists are invited to join, bring some music and play a live set with or without them.
Tune in on 92.0 fm (Den Haag, Zuid Holland) or via the live stream. The live stream is provided by Den Haag FM and is a windows media stream (and we can do nothing about it).
For mac users: Download Flip4Mac to hear it in quicktime or a windows media player for mac.
It also possible to listen back old programs. But also here Den Haag FM provided mac users not the easiest way. Download the link, which is not an mp3 although it has its ending. And open it in vlc. Other programs do not recognize the file format.
If you want to be informed before the broadcast of each program, please subscribe to our mailing-list.
Please consider to donate to keep the radio alive! We are always trying to bring interesting composers and performers to join our program and do a special live performances for you. Since we're working on a voluntary basis, these people should at least get their train ticket and a drink! Thanks.
11. tom tlalim

13. tom tlalim + emilio espinosa
27. jan trutzschler

23. tom tlalim

09. jan trutzschler

25. tom tlalim

28. tom tlalim, guest robert van heumen

31. jan trutzschelr, (2nd part) guest: kees tazelaar http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200708010000.mp3
17. jan trutzschelr, guest: kees tazelaar http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200707180000.mp3
3. jan trutzschler, guest: ernst v.d. loo http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200707040000.mp3

19: jan trutzschelr, guest: juan sebastian lach http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200706200000.mp3
5: jan trutzschler, guest: luc dobereiner
22: tom tlalim http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200705230000.mp3
8: jan trutzschler http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200705090000.mp3

24: tom tlalim & yedo gibson, mikael szaferowske, rodrigo parejo, alex bahos

10 jan trutzschler

10 jan trutzschler

27: tom tlalim & voldemas johansons

27: tom tlalim

13 jan truetzschler & celeste hutchins


27: tom tlalim

30: jan truetzschler

16: jan truetzschler, juan parra

19: jan truetzschler, tom tlalim

05: tom tlalim

22: jan trutzschler, jeff carey
07: jan trutzschler (guest: henry vega, david trury)

05: jan trutzschler (guest: Ernst van der Loo, Leon Spek)
listen back via http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200609060000.mp3
12: tom tlalim (guest: keir neuringer)
listen back via http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200609130000.mp3
26: tom tlalim
listen back via http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200609270000.mp3

15: jan trutzschler (guest: marko molling: lyrics)
listen back via http://omroep.residentie.net/fileadmin/MEDIASTORAGE/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200608160000.mp3

06: jan trutzschler (guest: justin bennett) incl. live performance!
listen back via http://live-wm.residentie.net/users/stadsomr/windows/mp3/dhfm920/200606070000.mp3
2005/10/19 (jan/tom)
christopher ariza - babelcast
arie shapira and Raviv Gazith - exchanges
marc behrens - untitled song
arie shapira - upon thy ruins ophra.
field recording - jan truetzschler - somewhere in manhattan (1998)
tom tlalim and jan trutzschler von falkenstein - live

tom tlalim and keir neuringer - live

2005/11/15 (jan)
c.ariza - babelcast 2005.11.10
@c - untitled
sergio luque - y fue que le parecio convenible y necesario
jan trutzschler von falkenstein - live
violetnoise - un
toru takemitsu - vocalism a.i.
trevor wishart - voiceprints 2
sonic youth - (from ny ghost & flowers)
mats gustafsson / sonic youth & friends - hidros 3 (part ?)

2005/11/29 - (jan/tom)
ernst van der loo - terminal
li-jianhong - rtv-702 - 1
steve roden - untitled
justin bennett - demolition 1
kees tazelaar - Sterne vielleicht(?)!
gordon monahan - speaker swinging
kreepa - (excerpt)

2005/12/18 - (jan, guest:alo allik, henry vega)
oval - 3 systemisch
R. Luke DuBois - convolution nr. 3
alo allik /live
alo allik / jan trutzschler - live
jan trutzschler - field recording beijing 01
jean claude risset - sud c.
alo allik

2005/12/27 - (tom)
Michelle Bagaglio - Industrial song
Jason Kahn - recording of an installation in Berlin

thomas neuhaus - the bad boys were prodding the bear through the bars of the cage
87 central - phosphor
joerg lindemaier - HN
david berezan - Styal
richard barrett - (title unknown)
juan sebastian lach - keep dreaming
jan trutzschler - spuren im schnee

tom tlalim - live set

2006/02/07 jan trutzschler, guest: Henry Vega
henry vega - jet valley
henry vega - kat with a
henry vega - alibi
joel ryan - shaker mix
henry vega - live
henry vega/jan trutzschler - live
luc ferrari (from Les Anecdotiques)

2006/03/14 jan trutzschler
n.e.w.s. - (live stateX/tag 2005/12/05)
christopher ariza - metalloidesque electronico - clankered
iannis xenakis - diamorphoses
diego espinosa/miki sugiura/jan trutzschler - (live improvisation at stateX/tag 2005/12/05)
dougles geers - echo impression
bittonic - ave maria
peter traub - aurora
asa-chang - nigatsu
jan trutzschler - imprint1 (live)
dave ramsey - alchemy
jello slave - touch it

2006/04/11 jan trutzschler, guest: alberto de campo
elisabeth harnik - #2
hannes galette seidl - re:bounce
curtis roads - Purity
jan trutzschler - while i was preparing some tea
alberto de campo - field recordings (hamburg)
alberto de campo / jan trutzschler - live
takehisa kosugi - +- (played by sonic youth)
alberto de campo - imaon

2006/04/26 tom tlalim

umbrella spokes - edited acoustic field recording
kotra - minus
irad lee - mace
pingsonik - p5rec
august black - datadada
jens stååf - En drom om urklippta faglar
Hypocrisy International - talking to the wall for the sake of the door
Mal-Ox - birch
delire - fijuu
mtk - ns_rh
tom tlalim - live set
tom tlalim - field recording -> the hague

2006/05/09 jan trutzschler (guest: yutaka makino)
yasumao tune / hecker - man yo #3a~37 / 507417 zero crossings (edit)
yutaka makino - vijf canons (remix)
agostino de scipio - audible ecosystems: no1 impulse response study
yutaka makino / jan trutzschler - live
chris watson - The Lapaich
audile - untitle live impro (april 28 2006)

2006/05/23 tom tlalim (guest: chen wagner)
1 hour live session

2006/06/06 jan trutzschler, guest: justin bennett
christopher ariza - babelcast 2006.05.30
bernard parmegiani - etude elastique
justin bennett - {untitled} live
justin bennett - barcelona remembers the pope (field recording)
justin bennett/jan trutzschler - live improvisation
justin bennett - frogs (field recording)

2006/06/20 tom tlalim, guest: irad lee
adrian ward - lecture at sonic acts 2003
luc ferarri - petite symphony intuitive
ernst van der loo - terminal
tom tlalim - kin
irad lee - opal
kim cascone - zephir um scan
irad lee tom tlalim - live session

2006/07/04 jan trutzschler, guests: stelios manousakis, roberto garreton
dick raaijmakers - Plumes
stelios manousakis - do digital monkeys inhabit virtual trees?
roberto garreton - study on feedback
jan trutzschler - field recordings / coney island
stelios manousakis - study for digital harpsicord drumming
ryoji ikeda and carston nicolai - c6
rip-off artist - fuzzy little predator
sofia gubaidulina - vivente

2006/08/01 jan trutzschler
kit clayton - (untitled)
scratch pet land - dj klaxon under the feet
denis smalley - wind chimes (ectrait)
agostino di scipio - audible ecosystems: no.3
takuro lippit
horacio vaggione - agon
bruno maderna - syntaxis
aoki takamasa/tujiko noriko
einstuerzende neubauten - draussen ist feindlich

2006/08/15 jan trutzschler (guest: Marco Molling: poems)
christopher ariza - babelcast 2006.07.27
ryoji ikeda and casten nicolai - c7
marko molling - (poem 1)
hecker - ixi 6
hecker - yoshihide otomo /isoo
jan trutzschler / marco molling
zlatko.hu - 5 sense
interview with marco molling
allo allik -
hecker - lp ryntlk
jan trutzschler / marco molling
marko ciciliani - reflux (performed by anne la berge)
mark molling -

2006/09/05 jan trutzschler (guest: Ernst van der Loo, Leon Spek)
SpekVanDerLoo - new (radio mix)
wolf eyes - village oblivia (burned mind)
SpekVanDerLoo - spectral winter (part 1 and 2)
agostino de scipio - studie ueber impulsantworten
ctrl-t - kmr 2
leon spek - tokamak
jazkamer - metal music machine
usa/usb - biggun
hills not skyscrapers - the sad and mad mexican
ernst van der loo - penta

2006/09/05 tom tlalim (guest: Keir Neuringer)
music what happened - david gordon, greg altman, keir neuringer 1996
Mazen Kerbaj - starry night
matt bauder - already weary of the way track 2
celeste hutchins - virtual memory (excerpt)
keir neuringer - the hospice
tom tlalim + keir neuringer - live session
tom baker - track four of What Remains

2006/09/26 tom tlalim

fuzzy love - space odity
juana molina - martin fierro
diabulousfabulous - wiretap0
oneida - the last act every
into white - a week after
Ddeeeerrhhooooff - siriustar
guy harries - things that begin with
diabulousfabulous - wiretap1
melvins - the bloated pope
nanda milbretta - between the doors
greg malcolm - homesick to nowhere

2006/10/09 jan trutzschler

riccardo massari spiritini - lamento
87 central - reorg
fe-mail - it becomes her
gabriel paiuk & jason kahn - breathings 3
riccardo massari spiritini - il sogno ed il martello 4
yannis kyriakides & lucio capece - juncture : 5
luigi archetti & bo wiget - stueck 18
maki ishii - kyo o
colleen - mining in the rain
my bloody valentine - lose my breath

2006/10/25 tom tlalim
jarboe - seduce an ddestroy
society suckers - toxic
electric kettle - turn around
stevie - we can work it out
silver tramp - oh darling
elastic - live in oslo
nina hagen - du haast der farbfilm fergessen
sascha of india
yonathan gat - summer called us in

2006/11/07 jan trutzschler, henry vega, david trury
subjam & adopin
wu quan + yan jun
david trury - escalation
li chin sung
henry vega & jan trutzschler - live
grey code - zaphoon

2006/11/21 jan trutzschler, jeff carey
usa-usb - music for broken flute and stolen computer
chinese cd nr6 musicacoustica - come out
jeff carey & jan trutzschler - live ! impro
skiff ++ - sk01
anthony pateras - Mutant Theatre Act 2, Scene 5_ For Solo Percussion
jeff carey - vector (excerpt)

2006/12/05 tom tlalim
francisco lopez - untitled #178
mazen kerbaj - Brrrt
paul abad - leaf music
tom tlalim - live impro
usa is a monster - sunset at the end of the industrial age

2006/22/12 tomt tlaim, jan trutzschler
mika sasaki & co - summer hammer
earzumba - dicho sin palabras
james tenney - collage #1
arne nordheim - calm
asuna - happy misunderstanding
mazen kerbaj - vrrt
harry bertoia - nova
tom tlalim, jan trutzschler - live impro
sutekh - alma hueco

2007/16/01 jan trutzschler, juan parra cancino
dajuin yao + li jianhong + yan jun
electro acoustic ensemble - the eleventh hour part 5
juan parra cancino - accumulation of hesitation 2
juan sebastian lach - pantaleon (performed by electronic hammer)
derek bailey - georgia on my mind

2007/30/01 jan trutzschler
tod dockstader - dada
scott wilson - media bites
jason dixon - (un)lucky mutations
richard karpen - life study #1
lrad - 4
shousetsu - radicalfashoin
luc houtkamp / pow ensemble - baud bedeh
john butcher - 7 things artist profile (excerpt)
gottfried michael koenig - klavierstueck 1 (piano: j. marc reichow)

2007/13/02 jan trutzschler
christopher ariza: babelcast - 2007.02.01
charles amirkhanian - radii
hanns holger rutz - halbschlaf
toru takemitsu - kwaidan, ki
katsura yamauchi - kupukupu
bruce gremo - kobe density
iannis xenakis - arkata (cond. simonovitch, paris inst. ensemble)
the residents - thoughts buisly betraying
the orb - his immortal longness
odgen nash - a word about winter
timebliind - copy copy
boxcutter - tauhid
aggeige - rohleder's

2007/03/07 tom tlalim
phil niblock- sethwork2
fovea-hex - don't these windows open (true interval offering)?
gordon monahan - piano mechanics - voices emerging along high tension wires
wolf eyes - reaper's song
wolf eyes - stabbed in face
nomeansno - stacktaking
usa is a monster - it's a beautiful thing (i like my oranges peeled for me)
pere ubu - non alignment pact
arve henriksen - inner moat
bright eyes - spring cleaning
amanda stewart - residue
akinori - red field
altai hangai - khuur melodies
mohamed abdel wahab - sans aucune raison (1)

2007/13/03 jan trutzschler & celeste hutchins
alog - a dragon lies listening
celeste hutchins - bell tolls
kobak - __4
celeste hutchins - morpheus' snare
celeste hutchins - meditations pour les femmes
celeste hutchins - rush to excuse
celeste hutchins - requiem for my refrigerator
celeste hutchins - lock up your children

2007/03/27 tom tlalim & voldemars johansons
wolfeyes - dead in a boat
daf - als war's das lezste mal
nick cave & the bad seeds - jezus met the woman at the well
zanna aguzarova - marina
stevie moore - don't blame the niggers
birthday party - she's hit
acid mothers temple - blue pour bible noire
velvet underground - venus in furs
nomeansno - stacktaking
new klezmer trio - masks and faces
pascal comelade - the sad skinhead
diabulousfabulous - se.d
kill - kill
arm - 5th cumming

2007/04/10 jan trutzschler

ikue mori - take it easy
ryoji ikeda - 0000100000
arne nordheim - summa
tod dockstader - pulse
morton feldmann - vertical thoughts 2
jan trutzschler v. f. - impro on whistling #1
ikue mori - sigh
ilhan mimaroglu - agony
tetsu inoue & carl stone - ^.error
2 humans & the cosmos - friendchips

2007/04/24 tom tlalim
yedo gibson, saxophones, mikael szaferowske elect. guitar, rodrigo parejo, flutes, alex bahos, listener
live session with four musicians from brazil, finland, spain and israel

2007/05/08 jan trutzschler
kim cascone - edgeboundaries 123
kode9 and the spaceape - sine
jan trutzschler - live
oren ambarchi - girl with the silver eyes
sunn o))) - sin nanna
noise & hajsch - raw
makoto moroi - start of pythagoras
so - batteria

2007/05/22 tom tlalim
sun ra - ?
tsunoda tsuguto - turntable solo
usausb - music for broken flute and stolen computer
Ernst v/d loo - vapour h2
Africa Djole with Fode Youla - Live: The Concert in Berlin '78

2007/06/05 jan trutzschler & luc döbereiner
christopher ariza - babelcast
luc döbereiner - set-pieces
fe-mail - after the rain
rvh - #4
luc döbereiner - vc
luc döbereiner - (das nächste hat wirklich kein' titlel)
some chinese cd ?
luc döbereiner - reconstructed
the bug - thief of dreams ft. roger robinson

2007/06/19 jan trutzschler & juan sebastian lach
all pieces by juan sebastian lach
- afghan carpet bombs
- dunnonothing (with Danny Meir)
- genealopaedie
- huevitos rancheros
- rzw
- triste y sola
- sagara
- round ruby

2007/07/17 jan trutzschler & kess tazelaar (1)

2007/07/31 jan trutzschler & kess tazelaar (2)

2007/08/29 tom tlalim feat. robert van heumen
robert van heumen - live solo
robert van heumen tom tlalim - live set
robert van heumen - 12 bullets
robert van heumen - don't understand -
tom tlalim - ce
robert van heumen tom tlalim- live session
office R (extended) -

2007/09/26 tom tlalim
morton fledman - 1st string quartet
tom tlalim - live solo set
tom tlalim - live audio streams mashup
morton fledman - 1st string quartet
bjork - innocense
js lach keir neuringer tom tlalim - live set (recorded in tag 2007)
- field recording from the installation last weekend at todaysart (mixed with audio stream from 106fm.co.il)

2007/10/09 jan trutzschler
kim cascone: edgeboundaries 123
ilhan mimaroglu: prelude for magnetic tape i
toshiro mayuzzumi: y
morton feldman: intermission 5
makoto moroi: shosanke
ctrl-t: std.1 live
keith fullerton whitman: car
exclusive or: 1010^0010

2007/11/14 tom tlalim feat. emilio espinoza

bongoleeros - 3 1st tracks
coolhaven at noisecape (recording)
william carlos williams - the orchestra (poem)
altai hagai = 1st track
schwarze kinder - hold me schachar
ear massage - track 1
juan sebastian lach lau - Pantaleon performed by electronic hammer

2007/11/27 jan trutzschler, henry vega
timeblind: r b
tetsu inoue and carl stone: %.Disk
murcof: recuerdos
otomo yoshihide: anode1
goem: richard chartier - gast.re
mimaroglu : mimaroglu 07 prelude I
pierre schaeffer: etude aux objets - 3. objets multipliés
agostino di scipio intermittence
tortoise & the ex: did you comb?
(burial: untitled)
sonic youth: or

2007/12/11 tom tlalim
nicola ratti - when i'll be child
x-presidentes con bigoté - live in mexico
heumen field tlalim - untitled (spiritus)
ronin - Mantra Infernale
De Haan Spruit - radical improvisations trk 3 & 4
Michael Renkel - errorkoerper (excerpt)
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